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About me and my work

I am a design practitioner with a firm belief in “Design” as an innovative tool to solve complex problems. I started my career in design as an Interior Architect in the year 2006. My career as an Interior Architect lasted only a couple of years but marked a very important stepping stone towards the understanding of organization setups, working in teams, communication, and management. With my keen interest in Design and to handle challenging objectives, I quickly moved up the ladder from being a Jr. Designer to a Team leader in a mere time span of two years. This swift escalation in my career span of an Interior Architect helped me to be part of few National and International projects, thus further opening my inquisitiveness to pursue “Design” from a much larger perspective.


In the year 2008, I was selected for a post graduation program in IT Integrated “Design for Retail Experience” in the prestigious design school, National Institute of Design, India. This program being taught in a unique multi-disciplinary design approach system opened up my horizons of perceiving “Design” in a much larger context. During my tenure in the institute, I also had the privilege to be part and lead many other ongoing industry projects being undertaken by many senior faculties of the institution, thus enabling me to realise the length and breadth of “design” and its “application” across various industries. With this understanding and honing my design skill sets in IT integrated design discipline, I further opted to intern with the FMCG conglomerate, Procter and Gamble in their Global Innovation Centre for a total duration of ten months, during which I directly worked with the brand managers of the portfolio brands and other top management of the company towards incubating many futuristic projects. My tenure within Procter and Gamble enabled me to meticulously identify human needs, their concerns and develop solutions that would best work as a win-win solution for both the company and the consumer.


Post my graduation from National Institute of Design and with my learnings from the past, I further developed deep interest in understanding people, systems and to pitch in the value of “Design” across various industries and in particular to the segment of our society who were ignorant of the importance of “Design” in their daily drive. This further paved way to the inception of a multi-disciplinary design studio, in the year 2010. Since then and relating to my strong inclination to “Design” and handling “challenging objectives”, the studio has grown rapidly both in terms of recognition and scale of the projects handled, and most importantly the unprecedented value and success rate we bring in across all our consulting projects till date.


By working on such result oriented multi-discplinary projects, I was further able to tap my potential in User Experience Design, Information Architecture, HCI, Cognitive Psychology in Consumer – Brand Environments. This present tenure of my career has also enabled me to further hone my intellect and management qualities and opened up my abilities to constantly learn, understand and master diversified skill sets such as thoughtful leadership, client servicing, project management and business administration. However, with today’s complex and fast changing world, my present interest largely remains in problem-solving via “Design-Thinking” and building much greater solutions, preferably in digital space with meticulous attention to human-centric values and contributing towards making our world a much better space to live.

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