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The Indian Institute of Architects (IIA), a 99-year-old establishment is the only premier institution having fraternity fellowship of 20,000 plus architects in India. As their continuous effort to promote the professional practice and upgrade the architectural education in India, by conducting seminars, conferences, workshops, and various competitions, via its well-spread network of state level chapters and city level centers covering pan India, the IIA National Awards for Excellence in Architecture holds a prime importance amongst all.


Initiated in the year 1989, the 25th edition of the IIA National Awards demanded a complete upgrade from its existing format to stay relevant in the recent fast changing times. As part of the entire upliftment design intervention exercise handled by Cogwheel Studios – a multi-disciplinary design studio principally managed and owned by me, my contribution played in large towards transforming the existing format of applying to the national level competition to all digital format.


Upon auditing the existing scenario, the design team realized that there is a dire need to seamlessly blend the interaction design with the overall user interface design of the digital portal which can further adapt to both web and mobile devices of the user, marking the latter more important. The overall design also tapped the potential of the mobile hardware, such as cameras, to enable the applicant to effortlessly upload the required competition materials instead of the orthodox attachment systems.


Overall this all new digital transformation built a memorable experience by seamlessly blending the interaction design with the user interface design, which can also adapt new skins to match the communication strategy of the later editions of the award ceremony, thus making the whole future proof.


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