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In today’s time, irrespective of the advancement of technology, the experience involved in using a finance product is still a cumbersome process. This is largely true in the mobile space segment where the user interaction is still a scaled-down version of the orthodox web interface design. This, in turn, has created a much bigger problem around a user using mobile devices, due to the limited real estate space available and left the stone unturned without tapping the full potential of hardware and technology.


Understanding all the loopholes, I set forward to reinvent the wheel and to develop a product that can be seamlessly used by one and all, irrespective of the diversified user categories and to cater the needs of a particular section of our society who are still deprived of technology, internet and smart devices. In short, this product is a result of understanding users, system design and design thinking.


The overall USP of the product is in its interaction and user experience design. The product design largely embraces the comfort zone of a user and provides a simple, engaging and innovative tool to clear his utility bills. Afterall, we all have our bills to pay and even with the advent of multiple service providers and technology at our fingerprints, we still tend to miss the due dates set by the utility service providers. To know more, an in-depth understanding can be provided upon request.


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