Hospitality Design & Development – Chain of Brands

Hospitality fine dining brands such as Aromas of China, Sahib Sindh Sultan, Indijoe and Firangi Pani mainly draws customer attention with their unique signature elements specific to their own brand equities. Positioned at Tier 1 & 2 cities across India, these brands had to seamlessly carry forward the holistic experiences they offer to the end customers. Irrespective of the site area, my role in large was to adopt the brand image in the best possible manner to a given location without diluting the conceived standards. This process further narrowed down to lead a large team of diversified members that included but not limited to architects, graphic designers, technical associates, engineers, project management team, suppliers, and vendors.


To design and develop a chain of thematic restaurants embracing a signature element across India, honed my skills in leadership, communication and project management.


Project Lead

Team Members



BJN group of restaurants

Design Firm

Sanderson India Pvt. Ltd.


Environmental Design

Interior Design