Isis Medicare and Research Centre

Isis, the “Greek” goddess of fertility (now Wellspring), is a brand conceived & executed by a team of cross-platform designers to deliver an awe-inspiring experience of motherhood/childbirth close to nature. The¬†20-bed, 18,000 sq.ft boutique hospital being first of its kind has been positioned to a need specific ‘Sec-A’ of global consumers profile thus breaking away from the general corporate and casualty hospitals. The brand strategy and the Environment design has been thoughtfully designed to compliment each other and to provide a seamless experience for the end user. My contribution in large was to lead a team of multi-disciplinary¬†designers and conceptualize the spatial design of the healthcare center in accordance with the stakeholder’s interest and healthcare design guidelines.


Overall the branded hospital space designed across multi-disciplinary design platforms drew curiosity, increased interaction and provided a mesmerizing experience for the end user using the space.


Project Lead


Isis Medicare and Research Centre

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Brand Development, Environmental Design

Branding, Interior Design, Strategic Design Development