Retail Design Development – UB City

Working in a collaborative environment between the concept architects (Bentel Associates, South Africa) and residential architecture team (Sanderson India), my role in large was to foresee the direction of the concept architects is seamlessly transformed into on-site reality. This process further narrowed down to effectively coordinate with the offshore architects and transform the same into workable architecture layouts, by further coordinating with a team of residential designers, technical, project management and third-party suppliers and vendors. The project spanning across a lakh square feet demanded meticulous attention to detail towards the development of new techniques and possibilities involved in the area of retail experience design.


Further, the overall experience and understanding of being part of a diversified team of stakeholders, architects, engineers, and suppliers involved in transforming a vision into reality in a relatively fresh geographical area harnessed the power in raising the overall bar high and set high standards in the Indian retail industry.



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