Signage and Wayfinding Design – Education Institute

My role as a design lead in the consulting project opened up new possibilities for the design and management team, including the brand stakeholders to foresee potential solutions to effectively address the signage and wayfinding systems in the massive built, engineering block of the education institute. The management team of the education institute was on look out for a suitable solution to address the signage and wayfinding system of their newly built education block and consulted Cogwheel Studios (a design studio owned and principally managed by me) for addressing the same. Having personally audited the project, I foresaw a potential opportunity to utilize typography, color, and visual communication systems to address the same which not only provided an effective solution but also enhanced the overall built environment of the interior space by transforming a brick and mortar building into a branded environment.

Overall the design intervention process seamlessly enabled the end user to travel from point A to point B without any additional help and also the finished environment enhanced the interior ambiance and contributed towards brand communication.


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